How It Works

StackBTC is a hyper-deflationary, auto-rewards token, that burns and adds liquidity simultaneously. Our diamond-handed holders are generously rewarded via frictionless payments that are sent directly into their wallets. Essentially, that means you do not have to mine, farm, stake, trade… you just hold and get paid!

Deflationary Tokenomics

Due to it's built-in burning mechanism -- this digital asset becomes increasingly scarce with each transaction, as opposed to fiat currency, which is approaching run-away inflation.

SAFU Funds with Automatic Liquidity

To ensure a healthy marketplace exists for this token, our developers have included an auto-liquidity fee on each transaction. Your funds are easily withdrawn when you need it most.

Generate a True Passive Income

Holders of StackBTC generate a passive earnings via it's innovative fee structure. This is because 10% of every transaction fee is redistributed back to each investor based on their holdings.

We Conduct Periodic Buybacks

To ensure our chart maintains a healthy composure, our team will initiate buybacks periodically. A ``jeeted`` chart is not a good look.